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Welcome to PR Graphics, Inc.

We have moved to Sparks in July 2014...formerly from Cockeysville, MD USA, a northern suburb of Baltimore, and serving the entire Baltimore/Washington DC area as well as Sarasota, FL and Chicago, IL or anywhere you happen to need our services.

In 1984, we brought together the talents of traditionally trained graphic designers and professional typesetters. We fondly remember a row of dedicated typesetting machines, a dark room with a camera and processing units and a row of designers sitting at light tables pasting up art boards. (Can you remember wax, rubylith and tissue overlays?) From there, as technology sped forward, we became more and more computer driven. Soon Macs and PCs replaced Agfa machines and the camera was replaced by high-end digital scanning. Imagesetting, outputting film negatives from our designers as well as other artists and commercial printers, became an important part of our work. As business clients began using Microsoft Word and Publisher to setup print jobs, they realized there was no way to print them in color using traditional print methods. Suddenly, there was a need for process color separations (cyan, magenta, yellow and black) from desktop programs that were not designed to leave the desktop. PR Graphics serviced our business clients by taking their digital files and producing color separated film negatives for long print runs or digital color printing for short runs of under 1000 copies.

We work with the most current versions of Adobe programs like InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat Professional, etc. on the PC and Mac OSX. We also support many other major graphic programs like Quark, CorelDraw and Pagemaker.

Progress surely hasn't slowed down here at PR Graphics, we now have a high speed Digital Color Presses:the new Canon ImagePress to handle our color printing. With all of these technical advancements we still do what we have always done, create good design that works for our clients!

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